About: BailaCura presents a unique dance festival connecting the power of dance and the love of the dance community to cancer patients and the medical community. The proceeds from this event will be donated to the University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center for cancer research and treatment. The UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is one of the leading cancer centers in the nation. BailaCura is a non-profit corporation founded by Matthew Bergens who, in the past years, has used the power and passion of dance to overcome the physical and emotional obstacles presented during his own cancer treatment journey. He has joined forces with the local dance community on a mission to build a bridge between the healing power and love found in dance and cancer patients in need.

Contact: Jenny Geska

Volunteer Opportunities: BailaCura may have additional volunteer opportunities at promotional events.

Donate: Visit the website to donate, or to purchase tickets to our dance festival and featured gala.