Arts For Life



Local chapter in Durham; also in Asheville, Charlotte and Winston Salem.
Arts For Life builds bridges and makes lasting connections between the art and healthcare communities of North Carolina. Staff members are artists and teachers who believe the arts are key to creating and maintaining vibrant and healthy communities. Programs teach visual arts, music, and creative writing to patients and run five to seven days a week, eight to 14 hours a day in each of our four different hospital sites. Durham chapter partners with the Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center. The Durham team of volunteers and interns teach more than 46 hours of art lessons to young patients each week. They teach patients in their clinic rooms, at the AFL clinic art table, and on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.


Mary Margaret Fulk, AFL Durham Program Director,
For All Durham Community and EVENT-related Inquiries call (336) 480-7906 or email
Shea Godwin, Executive Director

Volunteer Opportunities:

Teaching Volunteers have skills in the arts and a love for working with children. They Teach visual arts, creative writing, and music to patients; Help organize exhibits of the patients’ artwork; Make art kits; Develop lesson plans and activities; Lead art workshops for AFL kids and families as well as other AFL volunteers, staff and interns.

Community Volunteers help with event planning and implementation; Website work; Writing (press releases, feature articles, etc.); Fundraising and donor development; Selling Arts For Life Art Prints & Greeting Cards; Work in the Community (Organizing Talks/Presentations, Helping with exhibits/displays of patient artwork, Some teaching of art at community events, Organizing a house party, art sale, or other small fundraiser); Administrative tasks such as stuff envelopes, folding newsletters, etc.; and Program Support such as preparing projects for use at art tables in the hospital.

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Funds via

Professional printers, framers, grocery stores, artists, graphic designers, banks, carpenters, law firms and many other business owners willing to donate services.

Host a House Party — a typical party with friends, food and beverages — and suggest attendees make a donation to AFL.