Agape of North Carolina


About: We are a faith based licensing and child placing agency based out of Raleigh, NC, but have employees all over North Carolina! We train and license foster homes and then receive child placement calls from DSS offices all over the state to place into our homes. The benefit of using us as a licensing agency is that the foster parents now have a social worker too who can advocate on their behalf and step in at any time with any need because we have the capacity to. We are able to provide foster parents with guidance, support and resource and truly walk through life with them as they take on this challenging calling. We are a very family oriented and relational agency and work to be "in the trenches" with our foster or adoptive families.

Contact: Kristen Loper- Social Worker- Cell: 205-454-9464. Email: I would love the opportunity to talk with someone about being highlighted as a non-profit one month. The foster care system is in a serious crisis right now!

Volunteer Opportunities: We have a wrap around care program for people that want to help with foster care but don't feel that they themselves could be a foster family. There are so many various ways that our families and kids could use help. We are also getting trained this week so that soon we can launch Care Portal in North Carolina. This will be a website where DSS can submit needs of birth/ kinship families that are at risk of entering the foster care system/ are already in it, and Care Portal volunteers (individuals, churches, businesses, etc.) can meet the need as it is posted in live time. It is going to be amazing!

Donate: All of the ways to give financially are listed here- But donations can also be made to a local foster care closet, or in time/ services like meals/ babysitting/ encouraging, etc.