Activate Good



Our Mission

Activate Good is a nonprofit Volunteer Center that works to activate volunteers to help charitable causes in the local community. We connect individuals, groups, and companies to volunteer needs with over 175 charities around the Triangle.

Our Vision

  • Volunteerism is an important facet of civic and community life and an indicator of the health of the overall community. Volunteerism benefits the thousands of nonprofit causes that provide necessary services in our community, and provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits to the individuals volunteering. Activate Good envisions a world in which...
  • Volunteering and doing good for others is part of everyday life.
  • All people realize and exercise their potential to make a difference.
  • Good causes get the help they need to make positive changes in the communities they serve.


Amber Smith, Executive Director

Volunteer Opportunities:

Activate Good connects citizens to volunteer opportunities with over 175 charities around the Triangle. Volunteer opportunities vary and include short-term, long-term, skills-based, family friendly, group opportunities and more. Check out to view and sign up for volunteer opportunities. 


We graciously accept donations through our donations page, located at