The Way of White

Moonvine is related to the morning glory, with flowers that open in late afternoon.

White is the essence of light.

Don’t think so? Bring all the colors there are together, and white will be the result. It is a constant that holds the wide spectrum of colors subject to their natural origin. Any simple experiment with a prism on a sunny day will prove this is so.

White holds a centric place with flowering plants as well. When blooms of sizzling red, fiery orange, bright blue, blushing pink and dusky purple threaten to spin the landscape into a dizzying visual cacophony, white flowers serve as cooling pools of transition to settle the scenery into a calmer state because, by their very nature, these blossoms of the lightest shades of pale soothe.

So even in the growing glory that is the garden, white remains the light that binds.

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