Liquid Assets: Smoothsicle from Funguys Brewing

When is a beer not quite like a traditional beer? When it’s an “un-beer”!

Beers are normally malty and/or hoppy. There are exceptions, but for the most part, this is the standard. Instead, imagine a beer that’s way off this spectrum, from flavor to color. It’s something where you take a sip and think, “This isn’t beer!” Welcome to the Sour Beer World.

A sour beer doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? But this is sour in a good way! There are two types of sours, traditional and kettle. Traditional sours are “soured” as they rest in wood barrels for months or years and are more complex in flavor. Kettle sours are soured before the boil process, by adding lactobacillus (a good probiotic bacteria) to the wort (what it’s called before beer) and keeping the mixture at a warm temperature until it reaches the desired sourness. You may have heard of Gose or ​Berliner weisse​, beers that use the kettle sour technique. This is a high-level explanation for something that will deliver an unbelievable flavor and visual experience.

Funguys Brewing offers Smoothsicles — smoothie-style sours, some containing lactose. These are based on a Gose and are loaded with fruit. For those who adamantly say they don’t like beer, then it’s time to try an “un-beer.” The Orange, Mango, Apricot Smoothsicle has the richness of mango, subtle orange up front and then prominently apricot. There is no malt or hoppiness to be found. It pours thick and is opaque orange, even the head.

Open at ​2408 Paula St. in Raleigh since 2018, Funguys Brewing is a mom-and-pop craft brewery focused on flavor-forward ales and lagers. Owners Carly and Nick Brango believe drinking beer should be fun and revolve around great times.

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