Liquid Assets: Blood Moon India Pale Ale by bmc brewing

Brewed with more than 12.5 pounds of blood orange puree per barrel, the bitterness of this beer (63 IBU) is balanced by smooth citrus flavors and the aroma of earthy Idaho #7 hops, which impart notes of tangerine and Earl Gray tea. This beer balances sweet and tart blood orange with the added bitterness of Pacific Northwest hops to create a truly unique beer that any appreciator of IPAs will love. 7.5% ABV.

About bmc brewing: When a couple of scientists with backgrounds in biology and fermentation start a nanobrewery, you get delicious craft beer! John Rice, who founded the brewery with his wife, Carmen, had more than 30 years of home brewing experience before opening the Pittsboro spot in 2021. The name bmc, which stands for “bite my cookies,” is a fun story — they make cookies from spent grain and share them with customers. With a mission of serving Chatham County one pint at a time, bmc brewing supports local businesses throughout the county and Piedmont as much as possible by purchasing supplies locally whenever available. Visit their brewery and taproom seven days a week.

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