White Garden,White Wedding

Whether at a wedding or in a garden, white is a color neutral in appearance, yet positive in effect. So, if a garden is to be used as the setting for a wedding or wedding reception this summer, just the right dusting of botanical white will certainly add to the good vibes of the event.

With this in mind, below are five picks for dependable white blooms that are capable of combining blithe with beauty at that special outdoor occasion this year.

Alyssum. Low-growing alyssum performs well as a ground cover, border edging or trailing element in a potted planting. ‘Carpet of Snow’ is an outstanding white form of this beauty, which is easily grown from seed. Ditto for the pale pretty known as ‘’Snow Crystals’. Note that the masses of small white flowers will diminish during the highest heat of the summer.

Zinnia. An annual well known for bright flowers, the zinnia also has a lighter, whiter side with introductions such as the award-winning ‘’Profusion’ and the aptly named ‘’White Wedding’. Zinnias are prolific summer bloomers, especially if spent flowers are dead-headed. Their seeds can be directly sown in garden beds or containers.

Echinacea. White versions of purple coneflower, a native perennial, are being seen more often during the growing season in local garden shops, and usually in full flower. ‘’White Swan’, ‘’Pow Wow White’ and ‘’Fragrant Angel’ are some of the more popular cultivars. Whether massed on a border or planted in pots, these plants are reliable, eye-catching performers.

Shasta Daisy. Another perennial easy to find flaunting mature blooms at area nurseries, this handsome plant will light up a garden party in either borders or containers with flowers that have bright yellow centers normally ringed with cheerful white petals. The award-winning ‘’Becky’ is a standard cultivar, but many others are being offered.

Marigold. In 1954, Burpee held a contest for the development of a white marigold. The result was the pale beauty ‘’Snowbird’. Since then, improved varieties such as ‘’French Vanilla’ and ‘’Snowdrift’ have been introduced. Now, Burpee’s ‘’Snowball’ appears to be the best yet with its warm white coloration. Annual marigolds are easily started from seed.

Note: Check local garden centers or online retailers such as Burpee and Park Seeds to order seeds.

L.A. Jackson is the former editor of Carolina Gardener magazine. Want to Ask L.A. a question about your garden? Contact him by email at lajackson1@gmail.com.

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