Stop and Smell the Crumbl Cookies

Iced sugar cookies from Crumbl Cookies in Morrisville

Maybe you’ve seen their drool-worthy videos on Instagram or TikTok? Or maybe you’ve stopped in for a cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth? Either way, it’s no secret that Crumbl Cookies, the popular Utah-based gourmet cookie shop, is a haven for food bloggers and dessert lovers alike.

When you walk into Crumbl, you’re immediately hit with the smell of fresh baked cookies — and that’s on purpose. Cookies are made and baked fresh all day, every day, and you can watch everything unfold as you walk through the shop.

“From start to finish, the whole process is visible by the customer,” said manager Nathan Sellers, who moved to N.C. last year to help open the Morrisville store. “We want people to see that we make the cookies right here about 2,000 cookies a day, actually.”

Crumbl provides a one-of-a-kind experience, because the cookies are made-from-scratch gourmet treats. Of their 2,000 cookies a day (and even more on the weekends), each cookie variety has a tested recipe and a specific way to scoop, form and bake.

Gina Barbara, assistant manager at the Morrisville Crumbl Cookies, displays the bakery’s signature pink box, filled with an assortment of treats.

It’s no surprise that Crumbl has quickly become a local favorite, with bakers and staff who are passionate about providing the ultimate customer experience.

“It’s very family-oriented here,” said Assistant Manager Gina Barbara, who grew up in the restaurant industry. “We’ve created so many great relationships, and we actually have cookie regulars!”

Six cookie varieties are on the menu, which changes every week with seasonal and holiday-themed cookies in the mix. Cookie regulars can enjoy something from the rotating menu, or snag a chocolate chip or sugar cookie. Both classic flavors are available daily.

Cookies are carefully packaged in a signature pink box and shown to the customer before checking out. You want more icing? No problem. If you’re one of their over one million social media followers, what you see online is what you get in store.

“That cookie you get in your box, we want it to look exactly like the picture,” Sellers said. “If you see it on Instagram or TikTok, we want it to look like what you saw.”

Crumbl’s six regular flavors are joined by a seventh test flavor at the Morrisville shop. (Photo by Gina Barbara)

Hungry for a chance to help choose a new flavor? The Morrisville shop is one of ten Crumbl locations in the country that operates as a test kitchen. Several days a week, a new, seventh flavor is added to the menu. Customers can try it out and provide feedback via QR code.

Situated at Park West Village in Morrisville, Crumbl Cookies is the perfect place to enjoy a sweet treat or snap a fun picture for the ’gram. They offer delivery, but stopping by the shop is encouraged.

“If you want the full Crumbl experience, you have to come by and smell our cookies,” Sellers said.

Trust us  it’s worth the trip.

Crumbl Cookies
1105 Market Center Drive, Morrisville
(919) 364-1100

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