Liquid Assets: Kiwis Fly North

from KōMANA Brewing Company

Traveling to New Zealand is on my bucket list. Until I can embark on that epic adventure, I will take a seat at KoMANA Brewing Company to sip and savor Kiwis Fly North, a hazy IPA bursting with New Zealand flavors.

Overflowing with exotic fruit such as luscious mangoes, lively passionfruit, and tangy kiwi, this beer encapsulates the spirit of New Zealand’s lands. Its hazy golden color, abundance of hops, and 7.1% ABV strike an equilibrium between sharpness and richness that creates a consistently smooth and refreshing drink.

About KoMANA Brewing Company: KoMANA is a veteran- and family-owned community-centered brewery focused on craft kombucha and beer. Their commitment to quality and innovation shines through unique flavor combinations, such as their Ube Kombucha. Enjoy fresh, excellent beer and nonalcoholic and hard kombucha in a lively atmosphere.

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