Flip Side Donuts Puts a Fun Spin on Breakfast Treats

Flip Side Donuts offers decadent breakfast treats, like the Bohemian Raspberry, a raised doughnut stuffed with raspberry compote, topped with lemon buttercream, and a fresh raspberry.

Caitlin Filipski loves to create. She makes intricately decorated cookies, imaginative birthday cakes, and artfully crafted sweet treats. When her family moved here from St. Louis and she found herself looking for fun, flavorful doughnuts, she decided it might be time to take her baking hobby to the next level.

“We were used to our weekend routine with the kids: grabbing doughnuts in the morning, and then going to the park,” Filipski said. “There were a lot of doughnut options in St. Louis, and when we moved here, we were like ‘Where are all the doughnuts?’”

With over 18 years in the Navy and years of corporate experience, Filipski wanted to combine her experiences and pursue her own business. She also wanted to bring her creative ideas to life. She quit her job in February and started looking for a space to set up shop.

“Last year, working in the corporate world, it got to the point where mentally and physically I was broken. I told my husband I needed to do something different, and we decided to go for it,” Filipski said. “I’ve been baking for a while, so I knew I could do it. I just needed to figure out how.”

After researching, talking to other doughnut shop owners, and searching for the perfect space, Filipski decided to open Flip Side Donuts in a former cupcake shop in Morrisville. Since opening in August, her goal is to make one-of-a-kind treats that everyone can enjoy.

“I want to take my baking experience with other desserts and turn them into doughnuts,” she said. “I want to make fun options that you can’t find anywhere else!”

With menu items like Rage Against the Tajin, a doughnut filled with mango compote and topped with Tajin sugar, and Hey Joe, a raised doughnut with espresso buttercream filling topped with chocolate icing and a chocolate espresso bean, even the most adventurous foodies will be pleasantly surprised. If you like to stick to the basics, Flip Side also offers classic glazed and cake doughnuts.

Customers are greeted by a case filled with specialty doughnuts with fun options for everyone to enjoy.

The fruit fillings, custards and buttercreams are made from scratch. Doughnuts are hand-rolled, cut, and made fresh daily. The baking process is intricate and specialized for each type of doughnut. A batch of yeast doughnuts takes about three hours, while cake doughnuts can take around 30 minutes. Don’t miss your chance to try them- popular doughnut flavors may sell out.

“The first day we were open, we were sold out by 9:30 a.m.,’” Filipski said. “We’re making more doughnuts now, but the weekends can sell out pretty fast. If you want something specific, come early!”

For doughnut lovers with dietary restrictions, Flip Side offers vegan options every day and gluten-friendly options on the weekends. The menu will change seasonally (with pumpkin options coming soon) and classic flavors in rotation. They also serve Café Femenino coffee, an organization that supports female coffee farmers around the world.

The atmosphere at Flip Side is warm and welcoming because Filipski is passionate about creating an inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy. She encourages customers and Flip Side team members to have fun.

“I left the corporate world because I want to have fun and enjoy what I’m doing, and I want customers to see that when they come in. Everyone is welcome here. We’re all about community,” Filipski said.

Flip Side is open Thursday through Sunday, with Monday hours coming at the end of the month. When you stop by this new local business, try the Don’t Go Bacon My Heart maple bacon doughnut, and savor their handcrafted sweet treats.

Flip Side Donuts
9958 Chapel Hill Road, Morrisville
(919) 234-0121

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