Wonderful Weddings

If you’re reading this e-newsletter, odds are you’re at least a little tech-savvy — but should that extend to your wedding? Should all your friends be allowed to bring a date? Is there any tactful way to request gifts of cash? See what industry experts have to say in our Etiquette Update.

No matter the location, date or theme of a wedding, the dress is a big deal. Will the bride choose edgy or classic? Stark white or off-white? Strapless? Sleeved? Belted?

Today, some brides opt for styles that stand the test of time, but with a modern touch. Others trend toward edgier looks that buck tradition. See the rising trends identified by leading local shops in Wedding Whites

Meet the couple who were recently wed in the Cary Magazine Dream Wedding. They worked with local vendors for months to plan their big day.  

If you’re planning your own big day, a wedding show can be a wonderful tool. We can think of several reasons to attend one. 

And in planning the issue, we discovered several wedding-related products and services We Love. We hope you will too!


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