Women of Western Wake: Where Are They Now?

Two of the Women of Western Wake honorees from recent years have been in the news lately for their personal and professional accomplishments. We touched base with them to find out how their outlook has changed.

Cynthia Marshall

AT&T’s North Carolina leading lady garnered a lot of attention when she left her post to battle colon cancer. Cynthia Marshall’s father died from the disease, but ask anyone who’s met her and you’ll find out she’s a fighter. Marshall refused to succumb.

In mid-December, the 2010 Woman of Western Wake was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. She had to step away from her post as president of AT&T North Carolina to undergo chemotherapy, which left her extremely sick. However after six months off, she returned to work full time in July and hasn’t skipped a beat since.

“I am thrilled to be back at work full time,” she said. “The ordeal of the last eight months has caused me to reflect on what is really important in my life — all of it.”

The lifestyle changes she’s made since her diagnosis have left her with a positive outlook, and she’s certainly retained her spunky side. “I have a new DNA — Devotion (my time with God), Nutrition (healthier eating) and Activity (more exercise). Watch out! I’m wilder than ever and enjoying EVERY aspect of my life to the fullest!”

Billie Redmond

One of the 2009 honorees has stepped her career aspirations up a bit. Billie Redmond, CEO of Coldwell Banker Commercial TradeMark Properties, announced in June that she is running for mayor of Raleigh.

Redmond will go head to head with challengers Nancy McFarlane and Randall Williams to fill the post of Mayor Charles Meeker. “This is about leadership for me,” Redmond said. “I am running to be the next mayor of Raleigh to bring a critical business balanced approach to City Hall. Raleigh has every attribute and quality to become a great city. We top the charts, but we cannot rest; we cannot be complacent."

Her unequivocal goal is strengthening the labor market. “The competitive landscape has changed, and we must be bold to recruit and retain jobs. Our citizens insist on the high quality of life we enjoy, and the way to ensure our future is to create jobs and grow the local tax base! I have the experience and skills to move Raleigh forward,” she said.

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