Thriving Women’s Conference Comes to Cary 

Thriving Women’s Conference, founded by Lisa Hansen, will host its first conference at Blush Cowork on Sept. 16 and Chatham Station on Sept. 17. With a focus on goal-oriented women, this two-day event encourages attendees to pursue their personal and professional dreams while cultivating authentic connections with other women along the way. Speaker topics will include everything from Finding Your Seat at the Table (Carrie Simpson) to Mastering Your Pivot (Savaun Perry), and much more.  

In honor of our current Women’s Issue, we recently spoke with Lisa Hansen, CEO & Founder of Thriving Women’s Conference, about her own background as a professional woman and what she’s most excited for at this year’s conference. 

 How did Thriving Women’s Conference get its start? 

Five years ago, I was living my literal dream as a pastry chef with my wildly supportive husband and two sweet baby boys, but I was struggling to feel fulfilled. It didn’t add up. I wanted to be successful as an entrepreneur, as a woman, and as a mother. Through self-study and numerous resources, podcasts, and conferences, I realized I was meeting my goals but I was not meeting my needs. Stress is a sign, like hunger, that there are needs not being met.  

Within a week of understanding my core needs, I understood myself better than I ever had and I felt the happiness I always wanted. Things made sense. I felt confident. My tasks didn’t change, but my feelings did because I understood myself. I truly transformed from frustrated to fulfilled. I realized there were so many women around me in the same place of struggle and stress that I once was, and that they, too, just wanted to feel happy and successful.  

I knew I could help women thrive, but I didn’t have a stage, so I made my own. After a year of wrestling with the idea, I hosted my first women’s conference — San Antonio Women’s Conference. It sold out, and was one of the best days of my life. The women who attended left feeling fulfilled, supported, and excited about who they were and what they were capable of.  

The name has changed to Thriving Women’s Conference, but the power and joy has not. On Sept 16-17, we will host our fourth conference, and the FIRST of many in Raleigh. Our family moved here to Raleigh just one year ago, and I have been blown away by the incredible women here! I immediately started planning and know this will be the best conference yet! 

Why do you think this conference is necessary? 

As women, we are crazy capable! We have power, gifts, impact, and dreams that are often discarded or put on hold by feelings of doubt, comparison, or overloaded expectations and to-do lists. Too many of us are just pushing through, simply enduring life and waiting for the next thing that will make us happy. Deep inside, women are feeling alone, unsure, and even lost at times.   

These same women have infinite value and are meant to live confident, fulfilled lives where they achieve their goals and dreams. They are important, needed, and powerful! Thriving Women’s Conference is a safe and empowering place where they feel their light come alive again, where they are given the tools and support they need, and where they are truly rejuvenated to take action on their goals with confidence.  

What are you the most excited about for this year’s conference? 

That is like picking a favorite child! If I have to pick, I am most excited to see the woman who has a dream realize that she is both worthy and capable of achieving it and living her personal definition of success.  

As a close second, I am thrilled to be among the incredible women of Raleigh as we gather to support each other! The energy will be tangible and powerful! We are truly better together! 

What do you hope attendees get from this experience? 

I hope the women attending will know they are crazy capable, that they gain confidence and clarity in who they are, and that they take action toward their goals. Another huge aspect of Thriving Women’s Conference is the community. I want women to make real friends that stay friends well beyond the conference, friends who will support them both personally and in their goals. I want the women to feel supported, known, and loved.  

Even if you are not able to join us this year at Thriving Women’s Conference, please reach out if you are struggling and I will help you in any way that I can. You are needed,  your goals are worth the effort, and you were never meant to be alone!  

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