The Hottest Ways to Cool Down

Don’t let this summer’s rising mercury keep you eating ice chips next to the window unit. Get out and chill out with this list of local fun.

Drink a Pint at Fortnight Brewing Company

At last Cary arrives on the craft beer scene, thanks to Fortnight Brewing Company, an authentic English-style brewery on Maynard Road. Avoid the summer sun and stop in the friendly taproom to try one of the meticulously-tested, English-inspired local brews: English Ale, Porter, Blonde Ale or ESB.

“In our core range of beers, we only use English-imported ingredients. The only thing not English is the water,” said Fortnight president Stuart Arnold.

The full-flavored beers can be sampled on draft at “American” temperatures — around 44 degrees. Soon Fortnight will also serve from casks, the traditional English method, resulting in less carbonated and “relatively warmer” beer, Arnold says. Cask temperatures range from 50 to 55 degrees.

Fortnight does not serve food, but welcomes guests to bring their own, order in or enjoy selections from local food trucks that stop there frequently. 


Serve Up a Sundae at YoLo

Dishing up your own combination of flavors and toppings turns every guest, literally, into a kid in a candy store at self-serve frozen yogurt shop YoLo Dessert Café. Locally owned with two locations, YoLo delivers the sweet stuff and advocates for a strong community, sourcing ingredients locally when possible, partnering with area schools for fundraisers and even displaying the works of area artists on the walls.

Turn the temperature down a few degrees by digging into a cupful of smooth yogurt in flavors like Strawberry Sensations, Birthday Cake and Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough.

For the ultimate brain freeze, attempt the YoLo 1 in 1 Challenge — one pound of yogurt in one minute. Clear your cup in under 60 seconds, and the yogurt is free! Quickest time on record is 28 seconds.


Create, Shape and Paint atthe Arts Academy of Apex


Beat the heat indoors at the Arts Academy of Apex summer camp. Full and half-day programs cover a variety of artistic media — painting, drawing, sculpture, fiber arts — as well as information on famous artists.

Owner Tina Maloch has more than  20 years of experience in arts education and loves to see her students learning new things in new ways, outside of the traditional classroom.

“Art is their opportunity to create in which there is no right or wrong. This allows for spontaneity and inventiveness,” Maloch said.

“We are here to share our love of the arts with our students, and it has been our experience that this love is often contagious!”

Sign up for a couple days or several weeks; the Arts Academy is flexible. Camps are best suited for children ages 5 and up.

Campers will also enjoy an unexpected bonus: kid-sized outdoor zip lines that the owners added to the property for special occasions, during recess and parties. Bring on the cool breeze.


Get Soaked at the Waverly Place Splash Pad

Revitalized Waverly Place is a gorgeous gathering spot for summer evenings. Children will especially enjoy the playground and splash pad in the center of the promenade. Climb, slide and crawl through the play equipment to work up a sweat, then wait for the in-ground waterspouts to rain down. 

Rather stay dry? Then stroll through the signature fountains and lush landscaping or throw a penny into a wishing well — several water features decorate the promenade and with them come the calming, cool flow of running water. Feel the temperature drop instantly.

The splash pad is open daily from 10 a.m. to noon, and 5 to 7 p.m., and is great for toddlers and elementary-school aged children. Bring a towel or extra set of clothes for the ride home.

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