Starry Night Beauty

The warm glow of holiday candlelight flatters everyone. Add in an alluring updo and pumped-up makeup, and you’ll have a festive look that merits celebrating all season long. Office holiday party? New Year’s Eve bash? The talented stylists at Cary’s Twisted Scizzors Salon and Spa demonstrate holiday styles to recreate at home.  

Easy Elegance
Subtle color and soft curls enhance your beauty naturally.


  1. Brush cream shadow all over lid. Apply subtle green shadow in outer corner and underneath lower lashes.
  2. Fill in brows with light brown eye shadow. Define eyes with chocolate brown liner and finish with black mascara.
  3. Add warmth with bronzer on cheekbones.
  4. Finish with soft pink lipstick.

Great for any length, but especially short hair that isn’t long enough for a full updo.

  1. Curl entire head with curling iron in half-inch sections to create loose, wavy curls.
  2. Tease top section of hair. Gather teased section at the crown and pin in place with bobby pins.
  3. Take small sections from the front and pin back individually, keeping sides loose and soft. Sweep bangs to one side and mist with hairspray.
  4. Decorative pins in the back add sparkle.

Golden Glow
Sparkle and shimmer create a sophisticated look for evenings out.


  1. Cover entire lid with a neutral beige eye shadow as a base. Brush a bronze shadow in outer corners and crease. Finish with a gold shimmer shadow in the center of eyelid.
  2. Line eyes with a black powder-based eyeliner. Coat lashes with a deep brown mascara, which complements the gold palette.
  3. Highlight cheekbones with bronzer.
  4. Use a peachy lip shade for added warmth.

Imperfection is key in this loose, romantic updo.

  1. Tease hair at the crown of the head for volume. Gather teased section at the back of the crown and pin in place with bobby pins.
  2. Place an elastic headband around head over your hair about one to two inches behind your hairline.
  3. Take one to two inch sections of hair and roll toward your head, then tuck into the headband. Work around head until all hair is rolled and secured under the headband.
  4. Pull out a few pieces to frame your face and soften the look. Curl with curling iron if needed.
  5. Secure elastic headband with bobby pins at base of head.

Touch of Exotic
While the snow falls outside, layered braids and a festive flower radiate the warmth of the islands.


  1. Apply a neutral eye shadow all over lid and up to brow bone.
  2. Brush a chocolate brown shadow in the crease and into the outer corner. Use the chocolate shadow to line eyes along the lash line. Finish with black mascara.
  3. Apply rose colored blush to apples of cheeks.
  4. Use sheer lip gloss for shine and to emphasize eyes.


  1. Part hair at the natural part and divide into two sections. Braid each section in the back like pigtails and secure each with a clear elastic.
  2. At the nape of the neck, crisscross braids behind the head and pin in place with bobby pins. Make sure the ends of each braid are tucked under and secured with bobby pins.
  3. Add a flower clip where the braids cross for a pop of color.

Special thanks to Sheeza Hussain, Christina Kodesh and Kristin Rowe.

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