Sneak Peek: Star skipper offers glimpse inside Cirque du Soleil’s new show

What’s it like to be a star performer in the Cirque du Soleil? Sometimes, it’s a hop, skip and a jump.

With breathtaking acrobatics, moving music and a unique tale, Cirque du Soleil is bringing a new show to Raleigh this summer titled Quidam (pronounced Key-dahm).

Cary Magazine caught up with one of Quidam’s soloists, world-class rope skipper Adrienn Banhegyi, who performs among a cast of 50 amazing acrobats, musicians, singers and characters hailing from 20 different nations around the world.

Lively and super-fit, Banhegyi shared a few backstage secrets, including that she has to replace her professional-grade jump ropes every three weeks during the show’s North American tour, and that yes, the whipping ropes do hurt if she misses a step.

A native of Hungary, Banhegyi showed off her stunning twists in our studios, including plits in the air while jumping rope, all with a big smile that conveys her love of the stage. 

Billed as a family-friendly, surprise-filled celebration of individuality, the show tells the tale of a young girl who escapes reality via an imaginary world, where she meets characters who help her discover her unique, true self.

Quidam includes live music, interactive clowning, and a grand “unmasked” finale.

Quidam will be performed in Raleigh from July 10-14, in seven shows at the PNC Arena. Tickets start at $28, and are available at


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