Single in the City

Let’s be honest: We want to be the only one.

Guess what? Kitty cats Penne Lisce, Bowden, Jane Doe, Cindy Lou Who, Panini, Jinx, Sidewinder and Leo feel that way too.

These eight cats are available for adoption via a new program dubbed Single in the City, aimed specifically at cats which prefer single-pet status in the home.

The promotion, by Apex-based nonprofit cat rescue organization Alley Cats and Angels, began last Sunday and continues until these eight “single” cats have been adopted. 

“Adult cats often have trouble finding forever homes, as people tend to flock toward kittens,” said Tia Hagnas, founder of Alley Cats and Angels. 

“These adult cats have so much to offer and are equally deserving of a wonderful and happy life; and we can’t forget that today’s adult cats were yesterday’s kittens! These cats want nothing more than to be your best friend.”

Thanks to local sponsorships, adoption fees for these eight Single in the City cats are discounted to $50, and those who adopt these cats receive a free care package including a cat carrier, carrier pad, turbo scratcher, treats and handmade catnip toys. 

Alley Cats and Angels volunteers note that all cats and kittens adopted from the organization are fully vetted, including spay/neuter surgery; FeLV/FIV test; treatment for fleas and intestinal parasites; vaccination for distemper and feline leukemia including boosters; rabies vaccination; and Home Again microchip with rescue paid registration. Alley Cats and Angels’ pets come with a 21-day health guarantee at adoption.

The cats are fostered in a home environment, with foster families who work to develop an understanding of their personalities that can better ensure success in their new home.  

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