Local Women in Business: Yvonne Victor

March is Women’s History Month, a designated time to honor the historical and present-day contributions of women in American society. Corresponding with International Women’s Day on March 8, it originally started as a week-long celebration in Santa Rosa, California, before quickly spreading across the country as other communities joined in. Thanks to the consistent lobbying efforts of the National Women’s History Project, Congress eventually passed a joint resolution recognizing the entire month of March as Women’s History Month in 1987. 

In honor of the contributions and achievements of women across the country, meet local business owner Yvonne Victor — founder and lead life and business coach at Yvonne Victor Life Coach | Life Design in Cary.

Why did you want to work for yourself?

After working in corporate administration for 30+ years, I was due for a change. I wanted the opportunity to fully express my talents, on my terms and without boundaries. Now I have the opportunity to be creative, challenged and to help others live the life of their dreams. It doesn’t get better than this.

What attracted you to this line of work?

Life Coaching was a natural fit for me, as I had always helped “coach” others during my career. Whether it was sharing tips for buying your first home, managing debt, practicing self-care, or finding the job of your dreams, people freely came to me for help sorting out life, and I loved helping them do just that.

Likewise, the ability to serve my clients in so many ways intrigued me. I pull out all the stops to get them to the finish line, so there is a lot of variety woven in my coaching. It keeps things interesting.

What’s been the best aspect of owning a business?

The best part of owning a business has been the freedom to create the type of work environment I’ve always wanted, a supportive, healthy, flexible and creative workplace. I get to take the best aspects of every job I’ve ever had and incorporate them into my business.  

What are some unique or unexpected challenges you’ve encountered? 

As a business owner, marketing my business in an ever-changing digital space has been a bit of a challenge. The line is constantly moving. There are so many moving parts to keep your eye on. Marketing is a huge part of any business and budget, and, to be frank, it can be overwhelming when you’re a solopreneur.

Who or what has inspired you?

Hands down, my husband and children are my inspiration. I know it sounds cheesy, but these three keep my chin lifted during the darkest hours. They hold the bar high and constantly remind me that I am talented, capable and made for this. 


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