Local Business Has You Covered

Stephen and Jen Crissman, owners of Coolie Nation, wear examples of face masks the company now prints.

Stephen and Jennifer Crissman, owners of Custom Printing USA in Raleigh, have been in the business of selling custom koozies and other personalized party products for 15 years. But with most events canceled since March, their business was hit hard.

“If large events aren’t happening, then the desire for custom printed products falls as well,” said Jen Crissman.

What was skyrocketing was the desire for masks, especially those reflecting the interests of the wearer.

Stephen and Jen Crissman

“We saw the need for masks and the need to work together as a country to fight the coronavirus,” said Stephen Crissman.

To meet the new demand, the Crissmans and their staff re-tooled their equipment, sourced missing machinery and raw materials, and created dozens of samples in order to start creating face masks. The custom screen-printing company now offers a number of patterns, including animal prints, camouflage, flowers and patriotic designs. Customers can also submit their own design to be printed on the mask. To ensure a secure fit, the masks come in three closure styles.

“We find it important to create masks that people want to wear,” Stephen Crissman said

Additionally, for every mask sold, the company will donate one to the medical community or someone who can’t afford a mask. So far, nearly 10,000 masks have been given to organizations like Urban Ministries of Wake County, Oak City Cares, and the Haywood Street Congregation in Asheville, N.C.

For more information, visit customstylemasks.com.

Coolie Nation now sews custom face coverings in addition to its other screen-printed products.

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