Let’s Eat!

Our annual food issue is here, and it’s yummy!

In the pages of the new March/April issue, we dish up fancy — a la an inside peek at Cary’s famous An restaurant — to frugal, as in 20 great local spots to enjoy a meal for under 10 bucks.

And surprise! Our Cheap Eats list goes way beyond outta-the-bag fare, to lip-smacking awesome.

How about Belgian waffles, or slow-cooked barbecue?

Kebabs, Cuban sandwiches … or Greek Lemon Chicken Soup?

Your lunch hour may never be the same!

Wait, There's More! 

Added to our food fun is a twist of the apron, as our chefs name their favorite establishments for off-duty dining!

See what we learned behind the scenes at a French pastry class, browse our annual Taste of the Town Menu Guide, and visit our where-to-shop picks for everything from gourmet cupcakes to flavor-infused evoo.

Looking for some DIY foods too? We’ve got a range of recipes, from raspberry tarts to corned beef and cabbage.

Food is fabulous, and lots of fun. Join us, and Let’s Eat!

Find it: Cary Magazine's Food Issue is available at these locations

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