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Hear from community advocate Nicole Dozier at the Women of Western Wake Luncheon

Nicole Dozier used to freeze up each year at the county spelling bee, when faced with an audience. It would have been easy to quit, but she went for it anyway.

Overcoming fear and even failure is a common theme among the Women of Western Wake, five true success stories that you’ll hear more of during the Women of Western Wake Luncheon on Oct. 27, when our honorees take part in a panel discussion led by Elizabeth Gardner of WRAL-TV.

“I feel that we have an assignment in this life,” said Dozier of her advocacy work, both as director of the Health Advocacy Project at the North Carolina Justice Center, and as Apex mayor pro-tem.

Raised in a community-minded, do-good family, Dozier learned early and well that the best way to help people is to teach them how to do for themselves. Today, she travels the state with a message of empowerment regarding healthcare policies that meet the needs of all North Carolinians.

“Education moves them up the ladder of engagement,” Dozier said, “and they’ll typically pull others up too, becoming ‘grasstops,’ experts in their own community.”

In Apex, she works to amplify others’ voices, toward a more vibrant economic environment and quality of life.

“One measure of success, as it relates to advocacy, is when I can work alongside a variety of stakeholders on initiatives and policies that enhance the entire community,” she said. “I want us to bring in innovative new projects that bring value besides the tax base. To have that vision, you need to use not just your own lens, but others.”

Just a few seats remain for the Women of Western Wake Luncheon! Get all the details here.

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