House Hunters in Holly Springs!

Have you ever thought that the popular HGTV reality series House Hunters could be taking place right around the corner of your neighborhood or favorite local spot?

Well,  this season it did!

Airing last night on HGTV was the show's latest episode, shot in and around Holly Springs, as House Hunters came to North Carolina to help Jessica and James Amato in their search for the perfect home.

Here’s your chance to know what it’s like behind the scenes of the show, and the process was not as quick and easy as you  might suspect: The Amatos contacted House Hunters when they first started searching for a new home in 2013.

“Jessica and I had been dreaming about buying our first home for years,” James said.

In 2015, the wait was over and the process began. The Amatos, along with their personal Realtor, were filmed acting as they  would in everyday life, so  viewers could get a feel of how they were unhappy in their old home.

“Part of the fun was feeling like celebrities for a couple days,” Jessica said.

After filming the couple’s reactions to three different homes they had previously toured and considered, the Amatos chose the home they now live in, which is in Holly Springs.

The couple exclaimed over how fantastic the crew was throughout the whole experience.

“They couldn’t have been easier to work with,” Jessica said. And the most fun was had when the cameras were not rolling.

Jessica says they would all go out to lunch together and the crew would tell funny stories from previous House Hunter experiences.

Local Landmarks Featured

Being new to Western Wake, House Hunters also allowed the Amatos to get to know the community better as they searched for their own special place in it.

“We were simultaneously falling in love with the community,” James said, while they were house hunting.

Local favorites such as the State Farmers Market, Raleigh Times, the Mason Jar Tavern and other parts of our community appear in this episode.

Between finding their perfect home and becoming more familiar with the area, the Amatos say being on House Hunters was a great experience for them.

“We would do it again in a heartbeat,” Jessica said.

Miss the Oct. 1 episode? Watch it online  at

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