Gotta Dance?

So … how are you doing with those New Year’s resolutions?

If the gym turns out not to be your thing, don’t worry — you can dance your way to fitness!

Convinced you have no rhythm? Worried about looking awkward?

Don’t be, says Christy Wood, owner of Christy’s DancExplosion in Garner,  

“For those willing to stick it out and keep going because they are enjoying themselves, the rewards can be great,” Wood said, including a sense of accomplishment, new friendships and fun. 

“Dancing is a great way to be more physically active,” she said, “and the vast array of dance styles means that dance can be enjoyed by everyone.

“Physically, dance improves flexibility, builds strength, increases endurance, boosts brain power and reduces stress and tension. Socially, dance contributes to higher self confidence and a positive outlook.”

Christy’s DancExplosion is home to adult clogging classes, with adult ballet and line dance classes new for 2012.

And local dance-for-fitness offerings include classes via Garner Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources; see listings for information.

“The best way for an adult learner to begin is to look for a dance style that interests you, research your options and take action,” she said. “Most people feel more comfortable in a group setting when starting something new. A studio setting is a safe, nurturing and properly equipped environment where fellow dancers offer support and encouragement, work toward common goals and celebrate acquired skills and accomplishments.

“Invite a friend to share the experience with you, take it gradually and enjoy yourself!”

A new year, a positive new you … as in you absolutely, positively can dance.

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