Get Off That Treadmill!

Leigh Duque may not look tough, but she is - and she's got real-life words of wisdom for all of us.

Chances are, you’ve been to a business luncheon or two. But the Women of Western Wake Luncheon is different, and here’s one of five reasons why:

Leigh Duque.

Dedicating her life to women’s empowerment, Duque works to help women find their voices, with advice we can all use.

“It’s very hard for young women today because there are so many expectations from so many different places,” Duque said. “They are cobbling together a version of themselves that isn’t authentic. Practice being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. It’s not easy, but approach your life with the courage to live your convictions.”

As the executive director of InterAct, Wake County’s only dual-service agency serving victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, Duque also knows that one in three women will become a victim, and emotional and financial empowerment are the keys to stopping that cycle.

She’s been quietly practicing mentorship long before it was a buzzword.

“Be strategic,” Duque advises. “It’s about getting off whatever treadmill you are on and ensuring you can plan for the future. It’s imperative to chart a course for the future.”

Hear more from this tireless advocate for women — and the four other Women of Western Wake — at Cary Magazine’s tenth annual Women of Western Wake Luncheon on Friday, Oct. 27 at The Umstead Hotel in Cary.

The event also features a three-course lunch, extended networking opportunities and the Headshot Café, offering free professional headshots. Seating is limited. Find all the details here.

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