From the Editor: September 2019

Rather than a face for radio, I have a voice for magazines.

I’ve done countless interviews over the years, recording my conversations with politicians, teachers and countless others in our community. I still cringe every time I listen to these interviews.

Who is that person with the nasally voice and the annoying mannerisms? Is that really me? Surely not.

When Gary Pearce, host of the Triangle Talk Show, invited me to be a guest on his podcast, I demurred. I was talking to him for my article on local podcasters, and the idea of us interviewing each other at the same time was uncomfortably meta. I firmly believe that journalists should never be part of the story — the only exception being columns like this one.

Did I mention that I HATE the sound of my own voice?

But thanks to Jonathan Fredin, you can see and hear me on Pearce’s program available on I’ve convinced our Cary Magazine photographer to take on some doozies of assignments — white water rafting, riding a zip line, shooting engagement rings. This was one of the few times he has asked me to do something for a photo, so it seemed only fair.

Pearce and I had an enjoyable chat about community magazines, my illustrious career and the Women of Western Wake. I still prefer to be the one asking the questions, but he made the experience fairly painless.

I hope you enjoy Fredin’s photo and the program itself — just don’t ask me to listen to it.

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