From the Editor: Reasons for Hope

It’s easy to become discouraged with all that’s happening right now: the lingering threat of the coronavirus, economic hardship and intractable political divisions. But as there are lots of disappointing stories in the media, there is also much to be hopeful about.

In early June, I spoke with 18-year-old Ella Green, who, with her pal Michael Shorb, organized a chalk art demonstration in downtown Cary supporting Black Lives Matter. It was inspiring to see the display of solidarity among the teens and their friends, Cary police officers, and members of the community. (The article about Ella and Michael is here.)

That same week, I sat down with our Movers & Shakers for in-person, on-camera interviews. It seemed like these conversations were just what I needed to lift my spirits. How could I be glum after hearing stories like these?

  • Andrew George, owner of Aqua Tots Cary, described teaching kids from The Carying Place how to swim.
  • Alyssa Campo, manager of the culinary farm at The Umstead Hotel and Spa, spoke of her plans to open a teaching farm where children can learn about growing healthy food.
  • Scott Quilty, founder of the Fuquay-Varina Angel Fund, talked about getting financial aid to small businesses hit hard by the coronavirus shut-down.

While I wish every one of you could have the chance to chat with our Movers & Shakers, that won’t be possible for a while. I invite you to check out excerpts from these video conversations, which will appear online, with a new video every day throughout July.

I hope these folks and their stories will lift your spirits. I also hope their compassion for others and their dedication to serve this community will inspire you to act in similar ways.

Thank you for reading.

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