The Produce Box Brings Freshness to Your Door

Bethany Etgen and two other neighborhood coordinators for The Produce Box unload boxes into their cars for delivery. The company employs hundreds of coordinators across the state who deliver the fresh produce to their neighbors.

The Produce Box began as a food delivery business in 2007 to bring farm-fresh produce straight to your door. Now, more than ever, people are taking advantage of the contact-free delivery.

“This is really exciting to our farmers and vendors,” said founder Courtney Tellefsen. “In the last week, we have enrolled 1,000 new members and have another 1,400 on the waiting list.”

In 2007, as a stay-at-home mom, Tellefsen wanted quality produce for her family and cared where it came from, but she didn’t have time to go to the farmers market each week.

Her idea to bring farm-fresh food directly to consumers helps local farmers sell more produce and enables families to eat healthier. She has grown her business from a few dozen of her Raleigh neighbors to thousands of customers across the state. Now, stay-at-home moms and dads deliver in the neighborhoods they live in from Wilmington to Charlotte, the Triangle and the Triad.

“We are not an online grocery store,” Tellefsen said. “We work with our farmers to build the boxes each week based on what our members say they want, and just as importantly, what the farmers have and what is at the peak of ripeness.”

Instead of going to the grocery store or farmers market, customers pick out a box of produce online. The contents vary depending on season and availability, but everything comes directly from farmers and small producers. Clients also have the option of buying community boxes which are delivered to fire fighters, teachers and police officers.

“It doesn’t get any fresher,” she said.

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