For Goodness’ Sake

Life is busy. Between family obligations, work and social engagements, it’s hard for many of us to find the time for the basics in our own lives.

But there are people in Western Wake who add an extra layer onto their full plates, devoting their time and energy to doing good deeds for others.

Sick or healthy, old or young, in Cary or on the other side of the globe, the recipients of their work have no bounds.

The selfless service and devotion shown by certain members of our community make life a little richer for us all.

Get to know the volunteers of Western Wake.

                    Becky Young,                                         Jill Wolford,
         Mabopane Foundation                    Caring Community Foundation

              Mary Williams-Stover,                                              
               The Center For
                                      Greg Holder
          Volunteer Caregiving                               Dorcas Ministries


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