Five Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

Making delicious, fun, nutritious and satisfying lunches every day for your children may seem like a daunting task, but there are simple ways to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Good habits begin at home. If your children eat fresh, non-processed food at other times of the day, they won’t be surprised by what’s in their lunch bags. 

Here are five tips to keep kids well-fed and on the road to excellent eating habits:

Reinvent the PB&J. Peanut butter contains protein, perfect for that P.E. class energy boost. Healthier alternatives to jelly include spreads or jams containing real fruit, raisins, or banana, apple or pear slices.

“Produce” a great lunch. Fill a container with fresh vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumbers, peppers, even broccoli. Protein-filled legumes, from chickpeas to edamame, power kids through the day.

Freeze that fruit. Frozen fruit will keep other food in the container cold until lunch hour, when it will be thawed and ready to eat.

Right-sized meals. Notice portion sizes. Appetites in both girls and boys surge around the time of puberty, so they may need more calories. 

Ditch the sandwich. Salads, vegetable pitas and veggies with protein-filled dips like hummus deliver excellent nutritional value.

Tips contributed by Tossed Corporation.


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