Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers

One of the people you’ll meet on these pages has a gold record for songs written with the famous Nelly. Another was once a street magician, and you’ll be surprised to learn who has a black belt in karate, who makes his own sausage, and who’s never — ever — had a cup of coffee.

A few are Western Wake natives, while others have traveled the world. Professionally, the careers of these 30 men and women represent fields ranging from health and law to food and design. They’ve founded companies, lead nonprofits, and literally build our communities.  

They strive, they give back, and they’re generous with their advice. They consider their children to be their greatest accomplishments, and like most of us, are challenged to create work-life balance.

Nominated by friends, family and colleagues, and even our watchful editorial team, these are the people impacting Western Wake, both now and for the future.

Click on the thumbnails below, and meet the CM Movers & Shakers!


Starring in the inaugural production of the Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers are:
standing, from left, Louis Vitiello Jr., Joy Hughes Pantzer, Christina Kodesh, J. Blake Massengill, Kyle Denis, Amanda Kimball, Mandy Becker, Martha Brown, Barak Henis, Jackie Bedard and Adam Mitchell.

Seated, from left, are Apara Pochiraju, Zaher El-Assi, Adam Buchanan, Travis Wright Colopy and Dr. Kevin Prue.

Louis Vitiello Jr.


Joy Hughes Pantzer

Christina Kodesh

J. Blake Massengill

Kyle Denis

Amanda Kimball

Mandy Becker

Travis Wright Colopy

Martha Brown

Dr. Kevin Prue

Barak Henis

Jackie Bedard

Adam Mitchell

Apara Pochiraju

Zaher El-Assi

Adam Buchanan

Acing the audition to be among the Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers for 2015 are: front row, from left, B.J. Lambdin, Daniel Whittaker, Paige Dick, Zankhna Parekh, Barry Richburg, Michelle Smith and Shawn Chase.

In the back row are, from left, Dr. Allan Acton, Kenneth Combs, Joshua Mauney, Christopher Saleh, Trey Bailey and Karla Nantz.

B.J. Lambdin


Daniel Whittaker


Paige Dick


Zankhna Parekh


Barry Richburg


Michelle Smith


Shawn Chase


Dr. Allan Acton


Kenneth Combs


Joshua Mauney


Christopher Saleh

Trey Bailey


Karla Nantz


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