Cary Business Company Profile: Siemens

From the first X-ray tubes for medical diagnosis to the first hearing aid, Siemens was founded on innovations in health care.

A presence in Cary since 1991, Siemens opened its new state-of-the-art National Customer Service Headquarters on the Cary campus in April, as one of the company’s globally positioned support centers providing 24/7 service to health clients worldwide.
Rick Legleiter, senior vice president of customer service for Siemens Healthcare, says the company’s culture of innovation continues today in its three main sectors of industry, energy and health care.

“In the health care sector, we strive for responsibility, innovation and excellence,” Legleiter said, working with customers to deliver patient care from prevention and diagnosis through treatment. “That responsibility is profound. We work closely with our customers to improve quality and reduce costs.”

One way the company is doing that is through predictive servicing. Sensors built into Siemens’ latest X-ray tubes, for example, indicate when a tube will require replacement. Equipment is monitored via the Internet, and a service technician is dispatched before the tube fails, preventing diagnosis delays and patient rescheduling.
“This has a tremendous impact on patient care and hospital operations,” Legleiter said.
Siemens’ new headquarters reflects care of the environment as well, utilizing energy-efficient practices; its café even uses biodegradable cups manufactured from corn products.

Sustainable practices also factor into product design: Siemens, companywide, spent $1.3 billion last year in research and development on green technologies, and uses recyclable materials in its products.

Siemens’ future, Legleiter says, is in in-vitro diagnosis, diagnostic imaging and information systems. In Cary, a strong focus on clinical education at the campus’ training centers prepares providers for evermore complex technology.

“Our future is creating that integrated health care environment so providers can be in the best position to deliver the best care at the lowest cost,” he said.

In the community, Siemens’ employees operate the Caring Hands Foundation, which funds local nonprofits such as the American Heart Association.

Cary is indeed “a showcase campus,” Legleiter said, demonstrating Siemens’ commitment to the community, its employees and customers. “I couldn’t be more proud.”

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