Build Summer Style, Today!

The summer sun may be sizzlin,’ but before you frizz and sweat your way through another uncomfortable day, count to 10.

That’s right — we’ve got 10 melt-proof tips toward building a style that keeps you cool and boosts your confidence.

“What you wear tells the world who you are,” says local image consultant Mary Michelle Nidiffer, founder of One Chic Mama. “And that’s a great way to connect with people.”

But personal style that empowers is about much more than blouses and shoes, Nidiffer adds: Beyond a polished wardrobe, your demeanor and manners are what make the difference! 

Read on for Nidiffer’s pro tips on confident summer style:

  1. Be authentic. Forget trends or others’ opinions; cultivate a signature style of your own, then work it!
  2. Dress your body. Understand what works for you and don’t compare yourself to others.
  3. Make small daily changes. Overhauling your whole look is intimidating! Instead, incorporate one new facet daily — a piece of jewelry, colorful shoes or a neon belt.
  4. Bye, bye black. Lighter colors uplift your mood and brighten your face.
  5. Look at your lingerie. Lighter fabrics raise the bar on what you wear underneath. Wear the closest match to your skin tone under white — and never white under white!
  6. Choose fabrics with structure. Flowy fabrics can emphasize imperfections. Select pieces with fitted details, like a T-shirt with ruching or a pleated skirt, to look more pulled together.
  7. Plan your wardrobe. Have a strategy, especially for events, to have the right pieces on hand. Don’t get caught shopping last minute and settle for so-so.
  8. Develop a go-to outfit. Nidiffer’s is cropped pants, a sophisticated tank and a lightweight jacket. Develop your own no-fail option that you feel great in. 
  9. Accessorize! Accessories are the final elements that punctuate a great look. Aim for pieces that make an impact, like a bold handbag or bright shoes.
  10. Buy quality, not quantity. Edit your closet to the pieces you truly love and invest in a few staples. Fewer options are liberating and reveal outfit combos you otherwise wouldn’t see.



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