Best Radio Personality

Bob Dumas

Bob Dumas, front man of G105’s Bob & The Showgram, has been making waves on the Triangle’s airwaves for 21 years now.

On the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., Dumas says, “I get up when the farmers get up and go to sleep when the bartenders go to sleep!”

Regarding the Showgram: “I work with my best friends! There’s a real difference that you can tell on the air.”

Pet peeve at work: Meetings. He says management has banned him from attending. “Apparently I don’t play well with others.”

Most proud of: The genuine people of the Triangle. “Our listeners have hearts of gold,” he says.

“The thing I’m proud of in my 21 years on the air is the difference Showgram listeners have made for sick children.” (Raising more than $500,000 through Bob’s Buddies to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.)

“Oh! and Lucky 32 in Cary! Shrimp and grits, y’all!”

Favorite part of his job: “Meeting people who tell us that the Showgram makes their day or helped them through tough times.”

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