Best Florist Shop

Preston Flowers

Four-time Maggy Award winner Preston Flowers knows a thing or two about beautiful blooms. Owner Gary Swartz and manager Jill Jourdan fill the Stone Creek Village shop with unique gift items, décor and of course, flowers — more than 40 varieties stocked daily.

“We can have flowers delivered almost anywhere in the world, and we can deliver any giftware item in our shop … not just flowers,” Swartz said.

4,200 roses sold for Valentine’s Day

Years in business:
10 in 2014

Number of Employees:
Averages 14 to a high of 40 during the busiest times

Favorite Flowers:
Stargazer Lily and Protea

30,000 miles driven per year by the delivery staff

Most common request:
Classic arrangement

Design time:
An arrangement with the shop’s typical stock of flowers can be ready in 30 minutes. Special order flowers can usually be done in 2 or 3 days. 

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