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Timeless Photography

Grab an end of the brocade sofa and head out into the woods, in your lace and heels: Just another day on the job for mom-daughter team Wanda Clayton and Christie Parrish of first-time Maggy winner Timeless Photography. And in true family business style, husband Ken builds props and transports sorceresses.

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Most unusual: A senior-portrait client and arts lover who once played sorceress Prospera in The Tempest, on location at an island in the middle of a pond.   

“We took the boat over with our client in full costume and Ken made her a staff. He lit a red smoke bomb to go off behind her, and I started hitting the shutter button. The wind didn’t cooperate, but we got the shot!”

On teamwork: “We laugh a lot and we feed off each other for our creativity. Our relationship makes our clients feel comfortable, and we’ve learned a lot about each other on a business level.”

On style: “We love vintage, anything from glamour to gothic, or anything just different.”

Extra-mile details: Finding out what clients want a session to say about them, and asking the color scheme of the room where the portrait will be displayed.

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