Be a Hero

Interested in doing a good deed, but don’t know where to start?

Try Activate Good, a Triangle nonprofit that matches willing volunteers, whether individuals or groups, with charitable causes in need of services.

Some volunteer opportunities are one-day events. Others are ongoing, so you can keep on making a difference!

Sort clothes, drive someone to a doctor’s appointment, perform data entry, mentor youth … these are just a few of the opportunities to use your own skill sets to help others.

Others include family-friendly ways to help, or opportunities to use your professional skills, such as accounting, website development and grant writing.

Need more motivation?

Volunteering has benefits for you, too: Pride, satisfaction, accomplishment, problem solving, connection to others, stronger communities, and even better mental and physical health! (

What can you do, to become somebody’s hero? Find out, at

Or, check out Cary Magazine’s listing of nonprofits serving the Western Wake area, at

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