Art, Now and Later

Did you know Cary has more than $1 million of art on display at parks and public spaces?

Cary Visual art works to engage and enrich the community by displaying sculptures and other works throughout town.

From now to May 3, you can have a say in Cary’s next art installations.

The 2013 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition will be installed on August 9, featuring sculptures from artists across the country. For the first time, the community will vote to choose two of the sculptures displayed until next summer.

Two sculptures, chosen from a selection of four from national artists, will join 10 others on display in August. To vote, see from now to May 3.

You can also vote in person at this weekend’s Spring Daze Arts & Crafts Festival. Cary Visual Art will present a booth on Cultural Arts Row.

Bond Park’s new resident, a dragon who was named Daisy via another community-involvement initiative, will be revealed for all to meet. She has even hidden some treasure chests throughout the park for kids to find for a chance to win prizes.

Meet and greet nearly 200 of the country’s best artists, many of whom live and work right in our neighborhood.

Spring Daze will be held at Bond Park from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

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