6 Tips to Create Home Sweet Dorm

Starting college means anticipation, expectations and emotions. It’s the start of a whole new chapter of  life.

While students might be thrilled to embark on what could be the best four years of their lives, some things might still stress them out.

Here’s help!                 

First off, know your wardrobe is fine. You’ve spent the last 17 years expressing yourself with your own sense of style so don’t  think you need to change up your clothing. The diversity in college is immense, and you will find your niche.

But  how you are going to bring that unique sense of style to your future dorm room?

These easy and practical tips from Stephen Cardino, vice president and fashion director for Macy’s Home, can point the way:  

1. Try to make your dorm as “homey” and cozy as possible. Add pictures of friends and family, collections of art prints, collages of quotes or whatever you enjoy. You might also want to consider a plush rug, floor lamps and scented candles.

2. Develop a focal point in your room. Something that directs the eye to a certain area, such as a duvet that stands out on your bed, will add vibrancy and life to your room.

3. Mirrors are also a good item to bring. Full length ones are nice when you want to see how your whole outfit looks before you walk out the door, and they help to make your room appear bigger.

4. Other tactics to conserve space include hanging shelves and/or an over-the-door shoe organizer to maximize space in your closet.

5. Bring along some extra storage bins to store under your bed, in case you run out of room in your closet or drawers.

6. Lastly and most importantly: BE YOU! Bring whatever makes you happy, and have fun with it.


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