5 Things Not to Do in the Gym This New Year

We all know what we’re supposed to do when we resolve to hit the gym in our quest for a healthier new version of ourselves in 2011. It’s also important to know what not to do. Group Fitness Manager Suzanne Hyer, of O2 Fitness in Cary, shares her tips on things to avoid so you can reach your fitness or weight loss goals.

1. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Trainers, instructors and management all want to see you reach your fitness goal. If you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment, ask us. We are happy to help.

2. Do not think you are “not ready.” Many classes, clinics and exercises can be modified if you are new to the gym. Don’t wait to try something until you are in better shape.

3. Don’t just do cardio. Incorporate strength training into your routine. In order to burn calories, you must build lean muscle mass.

4. Don’t shy away from classes. Group exercise provides a great workout in a motivating environment. Always let the instructor know you are new. They will be happy to share tips and advice on equipment.

5. Don’t give up. Results don’t happen overnight. Stay positive and committed. Make fitness a way of life, not just a New Year’s resolution.

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