Xtend Your Workout

Triangle Pilates & Cary Yoga Center is offering a new class that takes fitness and exercise to a whole new level.

“It’s the most effective new workout combining athletics, Pilates and dance into one, and we’re excited to be the first to implement it in our area,” said Patty Geiger, Xtend instructor and owner of Triangle Pilates & Cary Yoga Center.

Developed by Andrea Rogers, professional dancer and choreographer, Xtend is a 55-minute workout using a ballet bar, free weights and other props to sculpt the body.

“Our clients as well as myself have noticed that it works even the tiny muscles in your body and you get a chiseled effect in problem areas like the upper arms, thighs and glute area,” said Geiger.

Most clients feel that their muscles are much tighter in only a few classes. Geiger recommends participating in two sessions per week, and most feel a difference after about 10 sessions. Xtend is for clients of all fitness levels.

“We are hearing from former dancers to current triathletes, and everyone notices a difference; there isn’t a large learning curve for people who are new to fitness, and barre workouts are all the rage right now,” she stated.

Many celebrities like Kelly Ripa are turning to barre workouts to get in shape. Xtend classes begin with a warm-up, moving through the upper body, full body, abs and finally a stretch series to relax the body and mind.

The classes range from $17 to $30, and by being one of the 25 first new clients to mention this e-newsletter, you will receive one free Xtend workout session at Triangle Pilates & Cary Yoga Center. For more information, visit www.trianglepilates.com.

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