Pickleball is Popping

Players compete in pickleball at the Bond Park community center, located within Fred G. Bond Metro Park.

Grab your paddle and a ball and head to the courts, because it’s time for pickleball. While western Wake isn’t as gung-ho about the sport as Kansas City, Mo., home of the first pickleball-themed restaurant – Chicken N Pickle – our neck of the woods certainly has its dedicated fans.

Most local pickleball players are 55 or older, but ages range more than 20 years in either direction. Cary players head to the indoor court at Fred G. Metro Bond Park or outdoors to White Oak Park or Carpenter Park.

Invented as a children’s game, pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Now the game is played with a pickleball and paddles made specifically for the sport.

“The thing about pickleball is people with average athletic abilities can reach a very good level in a short time. And it’s very social, with a good mix of men and women,” said Cary pickleball ambassador Mike Walsh.

Getting started with the sport is easy, costing about $30 for decent equipment from Dick’s Sporting Goods or Amazon.

Learn more about pickleball in Cary at townofcary.org/recreation-enjoyment/sports/adult-sports/adult-pickleball.

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