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I started Elcie in early 2019 as a fast-fashion boutique. It was small and successful, but we still were left with a lot of leftover inventory. It’s kind of a wakeup call when you see the waste that you, yourself, are contributing to. When COVID hit, I didn’t know how my business was going to survive, and I wasn’t really sure I wanted it to — at least not with the same mission I once had. I didn’t want to continue contributing to fast fashion and the overconsumption and waste of textiles.

I already had the skill set to design clothes and sew, so I decided to go all in and start creating new pieces from secondhand preloved finds. Bringing Elcie’s new vision of slowing down fast fashion and becoming more eco-conscious to life is absolutely a dream.

Depending on how much work goes into the new piece is how I mark up the new price, anywhere from $20-$75.

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