$50 Rescues a Lonely Heart

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and there are lonely hearts looking for love in our community. Consider giving your love and a home to one of these cats rescued by 2PawsUp, which started in 2007 to save animals on death row in high-kill shelters by providing needed medical care and finding them loving, safe forever homes.

“These 14 cats have been waiting a long time to find their forever home,” said Jessica Stall, president of 2PawsUp adoptions. “They are often overlooked by people wanting kittens, or perhaps a more glamorous looking cat.”

For February all members of the Lonely Hearts Club will have a reduced adoption fee of $50.

Won’t you open your heart to a lonely soul for Valentine’s Day? For more information, visit www.2pawsup.org or e-mail Stall at adoptions2pawsup@gmail.com.


This Maine coon has a beautiful black coat and loves attention. She’ll repay you with a loud purr. She gets along with other cats but is queen of her castle.
This domestic tabby has never met a stranger and gets along with people, cats and dogs. He will charm you with his gentle personality and does well in any household.
Her low-key personality has this domestic shorthair living easy and chill around other cats and cat-friendly dogs. She has intriguing facial markings that make her a standout companion.
This male cat is debonair dressed up in his tuxedo marked fur. He’s a big cuddler and has fun chasing bugs and cat toys with bells and feathers. There’s a reduced fee if he is adopted with his sister Kylie.
Full of energy, this petite domestic medium coat cat enjoys snuggling and lots of attention. She does well with other cats and is very easygoing.
Just as sweet as her name, this calico is very affectionate and is looking for someone to love her since her previous owner deployed to Iraq. She does well with other cats or alone.
This frisky feline loves catnip and gets along well with other cats and smaller dogs. Kloie is not afraid to ask for attention or to be petted.
Just like her brother Jasper, Kylie enjoys snuggling, especially when her foster mom lies down to read a book. She’s good with kids, cats and dogs and has a gorgeous, silky black coat.
Her mesmerizing eyes and beautiful tortoiseshell coat will make your heart melt. This curious cat loves to gaze out the window and interactive toys. A patient owner that gives her time to adjust will be rewarded with endless love and devotion.
This cat goes bonkers for catnip and has been known to run for treats. She responds to her name and will win you over with her charm and affection.
This elegant lady is extra special with extra toes on each of her paws. She enjoys a quiet household and can share with other cats. Rub her face and she has a never-ending quiet purr.
This incredibly sweet and smart cat is a joy to have around, says her foster mom. She has been known to play in her water and also “mothers” other foster kittens that live with her.
Meet this calm Siamese with an independent attitude and good manners. She likes to perch on top of the couch and observe while having her neck and ears rubbed. Sierra is very loyal.
Find room in your heart for this cat that’s full of personality, loves to be held and responds to her name. Her playful, talkative and charming nature makes Tabitha the perfect Valentine.

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