STOMP The Monster NC



STOMP The Monster NC is a non profit organization formed and managed 100% by volunteers. All money donated and raised remains in NC for North Carolinians.

It was established to provide a resource for cancer patients undergoing treatment and experiencing financial hardships that might compromise their care and ability to meet the essential needs of their household.

STOMP The Monster NC strives:
•To provide financial and caring support to people “fighting the battle of their lives.”
•To help relieve the stresses of everyday living so cancer patients have the strength to fight their best fight.
•To always remember: No one should fight the battle of cancer alone.


Michele Schabot, Board Member/ Community Outreach Chair
(919) 818 4178

STOMP The Monster NC
PO Box 132
Cary, NC 27518

Volunteer Opportunities:

Spring and Fall fundraisers as well as several small ones throughout the year.

All are outlined on our website.


Donations may be made online at our website: