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Our mission is to help young athletes realize their potential to perform. Without challenges, youth underestimate what they can accomplish. Sports offer a realistic environment for setting goals and measuring successes. Through sports, we help youth make the transition from where they are to where they can be.

Our philosophy centers around the definition of success. Success can be mistakenly and momentarily defined as coming in first place or winning a trophy, while in fact anyone who works hard, gives 100% and reaches their goal is successful. This type of success is a self-respect that is carried wherever young women go, into everything they do and every relationship they engage in.

The drive to become a good athlete comes from within, yet that spirit needs the support of the coach, teammates, family and community. In the moment when an athlete accomplishes an important feat, she experiences a rush of feelings of belief in herself and gratitude toward those who nurtured her.


Alisa Wright Colopy, MA, MPH

Volunteer Opportunities:

We have dozens of event each year providing hundreds of volunteer opportunities. Please contact Coach Alisa for event details.


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