Anuraag Foundation


About: To support schools for mentally challenged children of poor families in India.

The organization works closely with Anuraag School for Mentally Challenged kids in Secunderabad, India, to help these less fortunate individuals through a proactive training program designed to make these individuals self-reliant and help them get back into society.

Services at the school include: counseling center; early intervention therapy services; pre-vocational training; educational assessment and guidance for slow learners with specific learning disabilities; psychological testing; behavioral modification; speech, physiotherapy and occupational therapy; mobile medical care; outreach programs. The school currently provides support for 60 children.

Contact: (919) 802-036

Volunteer Opportunities: Many large corporations will donate money to Anuraag Foundation if their employees volunteer a specified amount of time. For a list and information on specific companies' programs, see here.

Anuraag is a volunteer-driven organization with needs at all levels of the organization.


Donation Options:
General Donation
:  Any Amount from your heart is welcome.
$2 a Day ($730 per Year)
: Will sponsor education of ONE mentally challenged child per year.
Dollar a Day ($365 per Year)
Will meet partial expenses of educating ONE mentally challenged child.
will help to provide mid day meal for ONE mentally challenged child for year.
will help to provide Training and Learning material to ONE mentally challenged child for year.
will help celebrate your special day (Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary etc) with school children in your presense or absence.
When you celebrate your kids' birthdays, please keep these unfortunate kids in mind and consider lending a helping hand in the spirit of celebrations.
School Building Sponsorships range from $1,116 to $10,000, with the opportunity to name a classroom in someone's honor.