Agape of North Carolina


About: Agape of NC is a Christian Foster Care and Adoption Agency. They help provide support/resources to help keep families together and prevent DSS removal. If/ when DSS does remove children, they have families trained and licensed to care for these children. Agape then RADICALLY supports their foster families ensuring that they have everything they need to be successful. Average foster homes in the state of NC are closing their home within a year or just after their 1st placement, but at Agape, they are working to ensure successful placements of children in homes that can be supported and ultimately thrive. If children are not able to be reunified, they help place them into loving adoptive families as soon as possible. Currently, there are 405 kids in foster care in Wake County & only 95 foster homes. North Carolina is in the midst of one of the biggest crisis for homes than they have ever seen. Agape is actively working to help flip the script so ultimately, there can be more FAMILIES WAITING FOR CHILDREN, than children waiting for families. This gap is causing children awaiting homes to be sleeping in offices and moving from temporary homes than can only keep them for 1-2 nights for weeks on end. Agape is also working with partnering with the local church to partner and equip the local church to be the light in the midst of darkness in being apart of the solution to this heartbreaking crisis in our own backyard.

Contact: Keith Fortier -

Volunteer Opportunities: Being on wrap around care teams for our families who are fostering who need additional support for meals, date nights, and tangible needs.

Donate: Honestly, the thing we hope for more than even monetary or donations is awareness of the current state of the DSS / Foster care crisis and to be able to be available to families as they start the process of potentially opening their home to foster.