3 Bluebirds Farm

Website: https://www.3bluebirdsfarm.org/

About: Our mission is to create an environmentally sustainable agricultural community where adults on the autism spectrum can live dignified and meaningful lives with support in a healthy, safe and enriching environment and achieve independence through meaningful work, recreation and community involvement. Currently, we provide services for children and teens on the autism spectrum through social clubs, track-out camps for children with autism in year round school, and summer camps for children in traditional school.

Contact: erin@3irishjewelsfarm.org, andrea@3irishjewelsfarm.org, katherine@3irishjewelsfarm.org

Volunteer Opportunities: We need individuals to volunteer at our social clubs for teens with autism, helping with set up and tear down, interacting with the teens, and providing support with the various activities we do at the club. We will have many more volunteer opportunities once we have our land and begin creating the residential agricultural community in Wake County.

Donate: https://www.3bluebirdsfarm.org/donate-towards-autism