Holi Festival

The spectacle of Holi — the Hindu festival of colors — was a sight to behold in Morrisville. Occurring every spring, this celebration brings people together to release resentment and revel in new beginnings. Primarily a welcoming in of the spring season, the revered yet inclusive festival is a popular social occasion with spiritual and cultural roots.

Events commence with a cleansing bonfire that symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, but the next day is all about resetting or renewing relationships — forgiving and forgetting and forging new bonds in a fun- and color-filled display. At private gatherings or out in the community, participants throw colors, toss colored water balloons, or spray water at one another while enjoying the changing of seasons and making of new friends.

At the Cedar Fork Community Center, from noon to 3 p.m., Morrisville’s free festival featured dancing, Holi powders, artisan vendors, and food for purchase as people delighted in the positivity of bright colors.